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Offer services

Total renovation of technique
At first glance you may have an impression that technique after renovation is worse than new, but it can be refuted:
- to restore technique is cheaper than to buy new items and the price difference is significant;
- restoration is manual, not conveyor (it is well known that manual assembly is more quality than conveyor);
- while total restoration a complete disassembly of the machine is carried out, after what the restoration is held from the very base with complete replacement of worn parts;
- after the restoration the machine is completely tested;
- the restored technique is provided by a guarantee period, which is 1 year.

Practice shows that the restored technique in it`s operational qualities is not worse than new one, it also regularly serves throughout the period of exploitation.
If you have any farming technique which needs repair, please contact us. We`ll give an advice, help with delivery, take care of all the problems associated with restoration.
There is no need to take broken equipment to scrap when you can restore it and continue to use or sell. In any case, the benefits will be more than just metal price.
You can order all the necessary component parts, get the help of specialists about installation and setting of techniques, advice about production processes.

Cleaning, calibration, etching service and proving to the sowing conditions

One of the key activities of the company are seeds purification services, calibration, etching and proving seeds to sowing conditions. All services are carried out by cars of foreign and home production. All the manipulations with seeds is held with the help of the the equipment of a German company Petkus – a world leader in the field of cleaning technique.
We provide the following services for the processing of seeds:
DRYING. One of the most important indicators of seed is its moisture. If seed moisture is above the standard, it is necessary to reduce it to the appropriate standards. It can be achieved by drying to prevent losing of sowing conditions.
CLEANING. The cleaning process of seeds includes several stages. First initial and secondary cleaning machines are used. They remove small seeds, weed seeds and plant residues. Then long and short seed impurities are sorted in Indented Cylinders, and then they get to Gravity Tables, where they are sorting according to varying weights.
CALIBRATION. For the distribution of seeds by size for a few fractions depending on the used material and needs screen layers with different widths are used. Calibration is carried out to ensure accurate seeding of each piece of seed individually and is used to seeds of corn, sunflower and others.
ETCHING. As far as at the early stages of development plants are very sensitive to damage by pests and diseases, it is necessary to etch seeds. Etching process takes place in modern etching machine of portion action to ensure rhythmical steady causing of etching means on seeds`surface of seeds and it`s exact dosage.

PACKING AND SHIPING. According to customer`s wishes seeds are packed in bags or big-bags.
Revision of the following seeds is possible: maize, sunflower, alfalfa, clover, Sudan grass, sainfoin, fescue, ryegrass, wheat, barley, mustard and other perennial and annual grasses.
Permanent quality control of the technological processes at all the levels of refinement of seeds is held by competent and high qualified staff with the help of modern equipment. It provides the European level of quality of the final product.