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02_tifonABOUT THE PLANT: Typhon is one of the plants which requires not much expenses in terms of obtaining a mass unit of a crop. At the same time it has high feeding value.

Green fodder can provide animals with valuable and cheap food. However, you should pick up plants so that the green mass is balanced for most indicators, and period of its usage should be as long as possible, from early spring to late autumn. Typhon is the most productive hybrid of intensive type of cabbage crops. It is grown for green fodder and mixed with cereals. It is possible to prepare silage, haylage. It has the latter growth, remarkable precocity and can withstand short-term drop in temperature, up to -20 ° C even. Increased hybrid power and simplicity allows to grow this plant everywhere: from the northern regions and to steppe zone. The conditions for growing Typhon in the steppe and steppe zones in last two decades has improved significantly due to warming. It should be noted that the introduction of this crop rotation offers a unique opportunity for the growing season to reduce the debris field dicotyledonous and perennial grass weeds, weediness these crops is reduced by 40-50%. In addition, crop rotation, saturated cereals, root rot infestation of plants is reduced by 15-25%. Just like the cabbage, Typhon leaves in the soil with root remainings up to 60-65 kg / ha of plant biomass that is environmentally friendly natural fertilizer. This makes it an excellent precursor for other field crops, especially cereals. Typhon is sown in the field, fodder and special rotations. In the south of Ukraine winter Typhon is placed after winter and spring cereals (barley, wheat, corn for green fodder) and other crops that early release field. In other regions – peas, cereals, early potatoes, annual and perennial herbs. Typhon can not be sown after cruciferous crops, beets and sunflowers earlier than 4 years due to the accumulation of common pests and diseases. The most important criterion for choosing a predecessor, in addition to the phytosanitary principles, it is possible to prepare a seed bed quality between collection and sowing previous culture. The growth of vegetative mass of Typhon continues to full bloom phase. The result so far is piled up to 1000-1200 kg / ha of green fodder, which contains 10 to 16% solids. Another factor in favor of this plant is that it does not require large expenditures for seed production and preparation of seeds for sowing. Utilities can use their own seed production, which maintains good germination even after 2-4 years of waiting. Currently, there is only one kind of Typhon. It is Orakam.

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Sort Orakam
The sort is created by hybridization and selection, the author is Y.A Uteush. It is a winter plant which is characterized by winter-resistance, high-performance, height is 110-120 m, straight stem, leaves are lyre-pinnate, inflorescence – brushes, consisting of 50-60 flowers of light yellow color. Fruit is pod, in which there are 25-30 seeds, brown seeds, mass of 1000 pieces is 3,5-4,0 g. The growing season for growing green fodder – 235-240 days, for the seeds – 280-290 days. Seeding rate – 8.10 kg / ha of green mass yield – 37-44 t / ha seed 2,1-2,4 t / ha protein content – 2,6-3,2%. Registered in the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 1998 and recommended for the steppes of Ukraine.