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01_lenABOUT THE PLANT: Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) is the main spinning culture in Ukraine. Three valuable products are obtained when growing of flax – high quality fiber, drying oil and technical raw material (tow).

The fiber is characterized by high technological qualities – strength, flexibility and fineness. For durability, it overcomes cotton twice and wool three times. Many household, industrial and packaging materials are made from it. They are durable, resistant to decay, and have high hygienic qualities. The seeds contain 35-42% of drying oil (iodine number 165-192) and around 25 % of proteins. The oil is widely used in food, paint, soap, paper, electronic industries and in medicine.
The root system of flax is poorly developed – up to 85 % of overall root mass is located in the layer 0-25 cm. Therefore, flax requires a constant supply of moisture as well as a supply of soil (about 60% during the shooting period, followed by an increase to 70-80%) and easily accessible nutrients. The soil fertility has to be artificially created by the application of fertilizers as well as by tillage, because flax is grown in the sod-podzolic and gray forest soils area with low natural fertility. (Optimal pH is 5, 9-6,5). Sandy and sandy loam soils, heavy clay and carbonate soils are unsuitable for flax cultivation. Flax is moderately thermophilic. The minimum temperature of seed germination is 3-5 ? C. In case of lack of boron, the point of growth dies and plants become susceptible to bacteriosis. Manganese deficiency causes delay in the growth of root system and plants become infected with chlorosis. Copper deficiency causes yellowing and reduces the height of plants.
The optimum plant density under favorable growing conditions is achieved by seeding 25-27 million of similar seeds per 1 hectare. In waterlogged soils, sowing rate increases to 29-30 million/he. Flax is sown with narrow-row method with C3Л-3,6 seed drills leaving the process track. All seed drills must be checked and adjusted to the same seeding rate and plowshares – to equal enfolding depth 1,5-2 cm.

IMPLEMENTATION: Our company offers to buy flax seeds of the following sorts for a good price: Pivdenna Nich, Orphey.

Sort Pivdenna Nich
The sort created by the mean of micro gametophyte selection from hybrid combination. Plant height is 52-55 cm, length of the growing period – 86-90 days. Flowers are large, purple. Seeds are brown, mass of 1000 seeds is 7,9-8,2 g
Oil content in the seeds – 44,0-45,0%. The average yield of seeds – 1.6-1.8 t / ha. Drought-resistant plants and resistant to lodging. Characterized by high potential productivity. Recommended for cultivation in the steppe zone of Ukraine. Sort Southern Night is added to the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 2001.

Sort Orphey
The sort is created by individual selection from the hybrid combination. Plant height is 55-58 cm. The growing season – 87-89 days. Flower is medium size, blue. Moderate-brown seeds, mass of 1000 seeds – 7,7-8,0 g. Oil content in seeds – 47,0-48,0%. The average yield of seeds – 1,8-2,0 t / ha. Resistant to lodging and seeds sprinkle. Recommended for cultivation in the steppe zone of Ukraine. Sort Orphey is added to the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 2002.

1. Linen is known for humanity since ancient times, linen textile is considered to be the oldesttextile. Officially science confirms that the age of found linen remains is about 10,000 years.
2. Weavers in ancient times had a spinning technique that allows to produce so transparent and light linen cloth that even through five layers you still can see skin, and the clothes can pass through the ring.
3. Shroud, which covered the body of Jesus was linen.
4. No any other material has such air permeability as linen. It is considered to be the best “breathing” product. In addition, linen absorbs moisture quickly and simultaneously it gives it back, as well as dries up.
5. Linseed oil is used in the treatment of cancer and for cleaning the body from radionuclides, and by itself linen is able to deactivate radiation contained in soil.
6. Paper made from linen is very strong and rustling. That is why in many countries, including the US, linen is a component of the paper from which the currency notes are made.