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Annual ryegrass

ruygrassAnnual ryegrass (multiflorum westervoldicum) is a species of multiple-cutting ryegrass. This is the most fast-ripening plant, characterized by intensive growth. Generates 2-3 cuttings with a yield of green mass 200-400 centner/he. In 100 kg of green mass contains 20 k.o., in hay – 52 k.o. Feed value is high, willingly consumed by livestock even in the phase of full earing. Sown as a cover crop for perennial grasses and as a condensing plant. When adding to flax forms a good herbage. It is also a valuable green manure. By its herbage the plant suppresses weed progression and its root system improves the soil structure.
The seeds germinate at a temperature 2-4 ?C. The shoots can withstand frost to 2-4 ?C below zero. The plant isn’t demanding to heat but freezes in winter. It is a moisture-loving plant. The root system is shallow – in 0-15 cm layer of soil, therefore exposed to drought. In case of water deficiency bushiness, height and fertility of the plant are reduced. Grows well in all soil types except for dry sandy soils.
Mineral fertilizers are applied for the ryegrass – N40–60Р40–60К40–60. After the first cutting N40-50 is added. It is sown in early spring with a row method. Enfolding depth of the seeds is 1-2 cm. Seeding rate is 20-25 kg/he. When the ryegrass is grown for seeds herbicides are used for weed destruction. For green mass the plant is harvested in the phase of earing – start of blossom. In case of late harvesting the intensity of regrowth and after-grass yield are decreased. For seeds it is mowed in the phase of full ripeness on the central stem. Yield of seeds is 8-16 centner/he.