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Common vetch

08_vika_yaraABOUT THE PLANT: Common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) is one of the most widespread annual legumes. Provides a high-quality forage. Grown in mixtures with oats, peas, cabbage and other crops. 100 kg of hay contains 46 k.o. The green mass of the vetch is good leaved – up to 60-70 %. Yield of the green mass reaches up to 300-400 centner/he, hay – up to 60-80 centner/he.

Common vetch is undemanding to heat. The germination of its seeds starts at 2-3 C temperature and shootings can withstand frost to negative 4-6 ?C. It’s a moisture-loving culture. Most of the water consumes during the intensive growth of the vegetative mass and in the blooming and formation of fruits stage. Grows well in neutral and slightly acidic soils. It is sown after cultivated or cereal crops. Common vetch is not demanding to its predecessors. Sowing more often than once in three years isn’t recommended.
The vetch as all other legumes has a good use of residual fertilizers. On fertile soils after fertilized predecessors you can limit with molybdenum seed pre-treatment and adding granular superphosphate to the rows during the sowing process. It is sown for seed simultaneously with early cereal cultures. Seeding rate in pure crops is 100-150 kg/he. For seed the vetch is often sown in mixture with oats in the ratio of vetch and oats 3-4 to 1. Seeding rate of the vetch is 100-110 kg/he, oats – 40-60 kg/he, total – 140-170 kg/he. Sowing method – usual rows and narrow rows, which provides uniform seed placement over the area. The weeds are strongly oppressed by the common vetch plants. During the germination common vetch seed requires a sufficient moisture supply, it is enfolded at least 4-5 cm deep. On light soils the depth is increased to 5-6 cm.
Common vetch is collected in a biphasic manner. The optimum time for harvesting the green mass is in the phase of budding – blossom. For hay and haylage purposes – during the full blossom of the vetch, for silage – in the phase of steely beans.

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Originator is Krasnogradsk Research Station ISHSZ NAAS of Ukraine, which is included in the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 2004. It is a middle-rape sort recommended for cultivation in the zone of steppes and woodlands used for fodder purposes. The plant is 90-130 cm tall, bushy form, has 2-4 sprouts, stems are green with purple tint, leaves density is average, total number of internodes is18-25, the first productive unit is12 cm. The flowers are small, red-violet, axillary, 2 -3 flower on fertile node. Beans are of Shelling type, linear, slightly curved, with ripening light brown with a purple tinge, number of beans per plant is 9-24, number of seeds in a bean is 6-8. Seeds are gray-brown, oval, small, with light scars, weight of 1000 seeds is 51-60g. Yield of green mass is 4.3 t / ha. Yield of hay is 5.7 t / ha. Yield of seed is 3.3 t / ha. Beans are resistant to cracking.

Hybrid 97
Originator is Poltava State Agricultural Experiment Station named after M.I. Vavilov (Institute of pig production and agriculture of Ukrainian of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine). Authors of the sort: V.T.Vorontsov, O.S.Zharkova, I.V.Kolisnyk. the plant is added to the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 1999. Varietal characteristics. Bean has sharp curved tip; leave is even- pinnate and consists of 7-8 pairs of leaflets; stipules at the bottom of the first inflorescence is round, pointed, with light bright spots. It has sufficient stability to the terms of the limited moisture, good use mineral nutrients on poor soils, non-structural medium and heavy texture. The maximum yield of green mass of vetch-oat mixture reaches 303 kg / ha, including 158 kg / ha of vetch, absolutely dry mass of the mixture is 90.7 c / ha, including vetch – 59.4 c / ha. Seed yield is 20.8 c / ha. For feed purpose it is sown with oats in a ratio of 1.5-2.0 + 1.5-2.0 m. / ha like rise seeds, seeds – 1,5 mln/ha by itself actually (without additional supportive plant). To speed up breeding this sort is allowed to be sown corn dotted drills with the norm of 70-80 kg / ha, paying attention to the fight against weeds.

The sort is registered in the Register in 2006 in the area of woodlands and Forest. The sort middle-ripe, resistant to adverse of abiotic factors during the growing season. Seeds are rounded, light brown, no pictures. The color of cotyledons is orange, weight of 1000 seeds is 50-60g. According to the test in 2005 crop of green mass of vetch-oats was 423 kg / ha. The dry mass was 86 kg / ha, actually vetch in the mixture was 62 kg / ha. Yield of vetch-oats 38 kg / ha, including 26 kg / ha of vetch. The sort is characterized by a high content of protein in dry mass of vetch – up to 22 percent.