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03_soyaABOUT THE PLANT: Soy (Glicine hispida L.) is an annual plant. The bar root system. The stem is strong, erect, much branched and forms a shrub up to 1.5 m. The leaves are trifoliate, until being ripe they completely fall. The flowers are small, white or pale violet, surrounded by leaves (3 … 5 flowers).

Self-pollination dominates in soybeans, due to the nature flowering hybrids are rare. Beans of different shapes and colors, containing 1 … 5 seeds. Stems, leaves and soya beans covered with thick stiff hairs. Seeds are round or oval shape depending on the sort and painted in yellow, green, brown or black.
Soya is the crop which is pretty different in using. As for the oil content among beans and legumes just peanuts leads in front of soy, its part is 30% of world oil production. As for protein content soybean seeds exceeds all field crops except lupine. More than 20,000 products are made of soybean, even analogues of meat, dairy and confectionery. Seeds contain a complex of biologically active substances and vitamins (A1, B1, B2, C, D, E, K, PP), as well as salts, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, because soybeans are widely used in medicine for the manufacture of supplements and pharmaceuticals.
Soya is a good precursor because it is able to almost fully provide itself with nitrogen through symbiotic nitrogen fixation.

IMPLEMENTATION: Our company offers the best prices for the purchase of soybean seeds of the following grades: Apollo, Maksus.

Sort Apollo
The sort is ultra ripening – 85-87 days, CHU 2350. Resistant to lodging, with well-developed root system. The high level of yield due to large beans. Plant height – 75-110 cm, the height of the lower attachment bean – 14-16 cm. The potential yield – 49.8 c / ha. Weight of 1000 seeds – 180 g, protein content – 38,9-41,3%. The recommended planting density – 950,000 – 1 million. Seeds / ha. Resistant to lodging with well-developed root system. The recommended row spacing – 15-30 cm. Recommended for cultivation in steppe, forest steppe, wood lands. A characteristic feature of the sort is resistance to many diseases and pests. This grade is absolutely reliable predecessor for winter crops.

Sort Maksus
Medium ripe sort – 101-110 days, CHU 2600. The perfect combination of high productivity and flexibility. Plant height 85 cm, height of the lower pod mount 22 cm. The weight of 1000 seeds – 197 g, yield potential – 47 kg / ha, oil content – 41%. The recommended planting density – 800,000 seeds / ha. Recommended holding inoculated seeds. A characteristic feature of the sort is resistance to many diseases and pests.

1. “Soya” in Chinese is “shu” which means literally – “large bean”.
2. The word “soy” came to us from Roman-Germanic languages. In turn, the word was borrowed from Japanese by Europeans.
3. Soy is one of the oldest cultivated plants, recognizing its beneficial properties, people began to cultivate soybeans at least 6-7 thousand years ago.
4. In ancient China soybean meal considered to be for poor people.
5. Soy is the only plant to which people relate controversial: some studies confirm the beneficial properties of soy, others scientists ascertain the fact that soy can cause irreversible changes in the structure of the brain.
6. Soya is the only crop which does not have wastes.
7. Tofu is a cottage cheese with soybeans.