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Clover (Trefoil)

01_klever_redABOUT THE PLANT: clover is a perennial herb with reddish-pink flowers, a representative of the legume family (Fabaceae).
The plant of the legume family has straight or ascending stems and their length is 50-70 cm. The plant has a well-developed root system. Rod root penetrates into the depth of 1-1.5 m. The leaves are compound, triple. It has a special feature: a bit white spots of a triangular shape. Cones are heads of rounded-conical shape, the number of flowers per head is 30-150. The color of the flowers varies from dark red to light pink. Fruit is a bean, one or two-seeds bean. Clover seeds are small, long—oval shape, color of seeds is purple, yellow.
In the field seeds germinate at 2-3 ° C. Spring shoots appear in 14-16 days after sowing, the main stem, reaching of length 15-20 cm stops to develop, causing increasing of bushing and growth of side shoots. Development of clover in the year of sowing depends on the biological characteristics of the sort, on the terms, methods of sowing, soil fertility, weather conditions, etc .. Clover demands moisture, but it does not stand excess of moisture. The soil is not that important for clover, but the plant needs loamy and clay soils. Rich soils with a deep layer of topsoil provides good yields. Red clover is grown for 2-3 years, sometimes up to 6 (the highest yield is on the second year). Clover refers to winter-hardy crops and is a good precursor for most of crops.
It’s a universal fodder crop liked a lot by animals, used for green fodder, hay, silage, grazing. It contains a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins and protein. It’s a honey crop, intensive blooming starts from summer and till early fall.

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Sort Mriya
It’s a sort characterized with a high winter hardiness, high field resistance to downy mildew. The growing period is 66 days: from early spring growing till the first cut, from the first to the second cut it takes 45 days, from the first cut to full ripeness of seeds is 65 days. The mass of leaves in the hay of the first cut is 38,7- 47.8%, protein content is14,6-18,5% cellulose -20,1-22,4%. The sort is created by selections of hybrid populations. Stems are glabrous, gentle, bushing is average, (5-7 stems per a bush). The leaves are large, egg-shaped, dark green. The inflorescence has head-spherical shape, dense, pale pink and pink. Seeds are heart-shaped of yellow-purple color. Weight of 1000 seeds is 1,8-2,2 g. Yield capacity: there are usually 2 cuts for green mass and its 689.8 quintal / ha, hay -169.6quintal / ha, seeds – 5.69 quintal / ha. Zone location: Central and Western part, steppes of Ukraine. The second decade of April is a sowing period.

Sort Sparta
Originator – Forage Institute of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. It’s a sort create with the method of individual family selection of the hybrid population, followed by massive, multiple selection.
Diploid, start of flowering is early. The height and thickness of stems is average, stem is slightly pubescent, long and width of leaves is average, the color of seeds surface is colorful.
What differs this sort from other sorts is drawing on the leaves of medium intensity in the shape of a triangle, there is anthocyanin color on interstitia. It is the sort of hay direction, early ripe, winter-hardy, resistant to lodging, shattering and drought. Leaves are is 44%. The sort can be used for two years, giving two cuttings per year. The average yield capacity of dry matter is 84.7 quintal / ha, maximum – 107.5 quintal / ha, seeds – 2.8 quintal / ha. The sort is recommended for growing in the forest-steppe zone and woodlands.

Sort Anitra
Originator of the sort is sort is Vinnitsa Feed Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences. The sort is selected by the method of individual family selection, followed by improved selection. Its registered in the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 1999. It’s a hay type sort, middle-ripe and is characterized by high capacity of feed mass and seeds. One of characteristic features is frost and winter hardiness. The period from the first cut for hay is growing period and is 70-80 days. Crop capacity of the dry matter for two cuts is 110-120 quintal / ha. The recommended growing area is woodlands and forest.