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mitlicaRedtop (Agnostis alba) is a rhizome hay-pastured grass in height up to 100-120 cm. It reaches full development in the third-fourth year of life, retains in herbage for 10 years or more. In the spring it matures rather early but being in blossom is late (the end of June), it gets rough after that. It grows back quickly and it is tolerant to pasturing. The plant is willingly eaten by livestock. In one hundred of grass contains 26-27 k.o; hay-55-58 k.o. It is valuable for grass mixtures. Its yield of hay is 40-60 centner/he that is less in comparison with high-yielding grasses. It is valuable as the lawn grass as well.
Agnostis alba is frost and moisture resistant, it withstands spring flooding for 45 days. It is not tolerant to draught and can not withstand long shade. It is not demanding to climate, grows in different soil types but moderately humid, not waterlogged, crumbly, non-acid, loamy and sandy-loam soils are the most suitable. It is sown in the low-lying peatlands as well.
The common row method with CЗТ-3,6 seed drills is used. The seeding rate is 11kg/he and 13 kg/he of scatter sowing. Enfolding depth is 1-2 cm.